A Message From Claire's Crusade

    It is hard to believe that we are approaching Promises for Purple's 6th Annual Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Walk. Claire Zampine Muollo was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2009. It seems like yesterday that our small committee of friends and family were sitting around Claire's kitchen table shortly after learning about her diagnosis and brainstorming ways to gather others affected by this horrible disease. The committee of ten, ranging from a special education teacher to a U.S Marine, had no true experience in the fundraising/event planning department. What did set our team apart, however, was the fact that we had one frustrated, yet determined cancer patient who was ready to go above and beyond in order to raise awareness and donations for the underfunded research. 

    With the endless guidance from Dana Farber Cancer Institute, PFP has organized five successful walks. The +300 annual walkers and generous sponsors form the Greater-Boston area have helped raise over $140,000 for DFCI's Dr. Brian Wolpin's pancreatic cancer research. Through the power of communal support, we have lit Boston purple, walked miles around Sunset Lake and kept the purple flowing in order to help us all remember, honor and support those affected by pancreatic cancer. 

    Unfortunately, Claire lost her battle in 2014. We remember Claire as a passionate, loving and charismatic woman. Her devotion to PFP inspires our crusade to continue to support her mission of this organization. We hope to see you on Sunday November 6 and we thank those of you who have been involved with and supported PFP throughout the years!

Post By: Promises for Purple